It’s about time Shannon Sarna got her decadent hands on a guest post for this here blog. Shannon write for The Nosher and is the, in my mind, official Queen of Challah. I’m so grateful to her for working her magic on this here delicious dessert for Jewhungry. Enjoy!

S’mores trifle

Oh the dreaded pareve dessert. Is there anything worse?

I often bemoan bad non-dairy desserts above all else. I even keep a list of go-to non-dairy desserts including my absolute favorite: Hershey’s Chocolate Cake made with Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder, one of my favorite ingredients when baking.

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Inspiration occurs even when disaster strikes. And it happened a few months ago. I made my cakes as usual and then: crash! One of the cakes fell on the floor. So when life hands you a smashed cake, I always say, make a trifle.

This may have started as a disaster but it ended up being one of the most delicious and rich nondairy creations I have made.

This is not one recipe, but really three recipes to make. It may seem like a bit of effort, but the result is well worth all the patchke-ing you will do in your kitchen. It’s great for a big potluck, Shabbat or even a birthday dinner. It definitely feeds a crowd and I think would look pretty fetching with some colorful candles on top.

smores trifle jewhungry kosher blog


½ prepared recipe for Hershey’s Chocolate Cake baked in a 9” pan

1-2 cups graham cracker crumbs

½ prepared recipe for Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse from The New York Times

½ prepared recipe for marshmallow frosting from Martha Stewart

Suggested equipment: trifle dish and mini blow torch



Prepare chocolate mousse and cake up to 24 hours ahead of time.

Layer 1/3 of chocolate cake crumbles into bottom of trifle bowl. Add 1/3 of chocolate mousse, 1/3 of graham cracker crumbs and then 1/3 of marshmallow frosting. Repeat with two more layers.

After you finish the top layer of marshmallow frosting, lightly and quickly blow torch the top layer of frosting.

If you don’t have a blow torch you can either stick the pan underneath your broiler for one minute – only one minute – or simply top with additional graham cracker crumbs.




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