roasted potato and leek kosher soup jewhungry



I’m having a love/hate relationship with food lately. By ‘love’, I mean, you know, I want to eat yummy food all the time.  By ‘hate’, I mean I don’t have the energy for it any more. And this isn’t just a  post-high holiday thing. This is all about trying to find the time and energy to feed a two year-old every. single. day.  And I only have one! Good LORD! One of my closest friends has 2 toddlers and 1 baby! How the hell does she do it!?


Roasted potato and leek soup with jalapeno oil jewhungry kosher


For those just joining me in this weird journey, I’m currently living a life of temporary single parenthood.  It’s important to note that this set up of mine is, in fact, temporary. I have the privilege of having a supportive and loving husband.  We call each other, he offers me emotional support and he comes to visit every so often (more on why I’m in this situation here).  The parts of this temporary single parent status that I expected to stink (time has become my most sought after currency. I got up at 5:30am PST just to finish this post) but the part of this situation that I didn’t expect is the effect this has had on our meal times.

For more on this story and the recipe for my roasted potato and leek soup with jalapeño oil, run on over to The Nosher.  Click here!



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