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Happy baby shower to Emily! I’m so so so so very honored to be sharing a sweet little recipe in honor of Emily of The Pig & Quill and her upcoming piglet! When I got the email inviting me to participate in this little virtual celebration, I knew I had to dust off the camera and break out the food blogging. Who doesn’t love celebrating new life?! And especially for Em!

Now, I never had a baby shower cause it’s not something we EXTREMELY paranoid and superstitious Jews do but I’ve been to one and man, it was nice. The food was nice. The atmosphere was nice. The present-giving was nice. I mean, what a lovely time. Also, folks really seem to go all out with themes when it comes to throwing baby showers. The creativity is really something special.

If I had to pick a theme for why I chose a milkshake for this post, it would be ‘cravings’. Currently in my 14th week of pregnancy with my 2nd kiddo, it’s been a rough ride. That being said, once I got over my weeks of morning sickness during both pregnancies, the cravings came on . . . strong. The one craving I’ve had with both pregnancies has been for milkshakes. But not just any milkshake, mint milkshakes. I believe they’re know as Shamrock Shakes in the non-kosher world. Anywho, I’ve wanted buckets of them. I mean, put a mint milkshake in a Big Gulp, gimme a straw and I am good to go (please note, I do not actually ingest that much milkshake. I want to, but I don’t).

So, I thought, why not bring something delicious, refreshing and totally in the theme of pregnancy cravings to a virtual baby shower! And since Em has confessed to loving ice cream and Ranch dressing, I feel like she’d be cool with showing up with milkshakes to a party.


I wish Em and Chris so much love and goodness and sleep and health and happiness as they are about to enter this huge new phase in their lives. I remember bringing home our new baby girl like it was yesterday. I remember being scared sh*tless. I remember sweating profusely for like 4 weeks straight (hormones). I remember thinking, “I can’t believe they sent her home with us!! ‘They’ trust us with a baby!?!” I also, most importantly, remember not knowing what the heck I was doing but thanking my lucky stars I had beloved girlfriends and a sister-in-law who I could call on at any time for help or just for a hormonal cry (it’s gonna happen. Just go with it). So here’s my unsolicited advice:

1. Find a few close friends who view the world as you do and make them your parent-advice go to.

2.  Invest in those Yes to Carrots! Baby Face wipes. They were/are the greatest necessity on the planet. I would wipe myself down after a nice night sweat session but could also use them for the kiddo.

3. Make no excuses for living in your pajamas and yoga pants for at least 6 weeks. You be you, girl. You. Be. You.

4. Oh, and get yourself (or register for) some of those nice button down jammies you can get from Vickie’s Secret. Great for hospital visits and you feel like a lady.

5. Finally, whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Ask for help. Take a shower now and then, even if there’s laundry to be done and dishes to be done. They’ll get done. No worries. You get an excuse to be a little selfish. Own it.

Matcha mint milkshake jewhungry kosher blog

Checking in for our induction. We had an AMAZING birth experience . . . induction, epideral and all. Oh, I’m totally faking the pain here. There was none.


Match Mint Milkshake


Ingredients (for 2 milkshakes):

3 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream
4 tbsp matcha tea powder
1/2 tsp peppermint oil
3 cups of milk of choice (I used almond because it’s a bit thicker)
Whipped cream
Maraschino cherries

Directions (this seems obvious but I’m posting anyway):

Place all ingredients except for whipped cream and cherrry into blender. Blend well. Pour into glass of choice and top with as much whipped cream and cherries as your heart desires.

Also, please check out the recipes from the INSANELY TALENTED BLOGGERS who are also ‘attending’ and ‘cooking’ for Em’s little piglet party. One day, I’d really love to go to an actual real live party with these folks and eat their real live food. Yes please. Enjoy!

Below are the links for each participant:

Matcha mint milkshake


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