As long-time readers of Jewhungry know, this year is, shall we say, weird. Way back in July, I took the kid and the husband and we moved to Los Angeles so that I could start a new job as the Director of Counseling at a private school.  The thing about the move is that though we all might have ‘moved’ to LA, my husband actually still lives in Miami where he’s finishing his PhD in Marine Biology. So it’s just me and our toddler here, mining our way through this new city while I’m also getting to know the ins and outs of my new job. As a result, I’m kinda tired, like, ALL THE TIME.  Thus, my food blogging has taken a back step to things like sleep and entertaining a toddler.  Since I’m proud of my blog and am quite passionate about food and the creative process, I don’t want to see Jewhungry dwindle to nothing while we wait for September to circle around and the husband can permanently join us in LA (and I can get a little co-parenting going on). Thus, I got on my Bat Phone email and sent out an S.O.S. to see who might help a sister out. Luckily for me, I’ve made some insanely awesome connections with some insanely generous and lovely food bloggers. Therefore, over the next several months, you’ll be seeing guest posts from Nik at A Brown Table, Melinda from Kitchen Tested, Yosef from This American Bite, Molly from my name is yeh, Chanie from Busy in Brooklyn, Rebecca from Foodie with Family, Shannon from The Nosher, Amy from What Jew Wanna Eat, Liz from Kosher Like Me, and Renee from Will Frolic for Food (our first contributor)! I mean, its foodie heaven!! First up, Renee . . .

Hey there! Renee here from Will Frolic for Food. Over on my blog, I post recipes that are 100% vegetarian and almost exclusively gluten free & cow dairy free. But does that even matter? NO. What matters is that breakfast is the best. THE BEST I TELL YOU.

A good, luxurious breakfast sets me in a good mood all day. If my breakfast is quick/skipped/gross I get this deep impression that I’ve missed out on something in life. Like I’ve missed a beautiful sunrise or baby’s first steps. Alright I’m being a little bit overdramatic but that’s just how I feel dammit! Breakfast is so crucial, both to having even, long-lasting energy all day, and retaining a balanced digestive fire. I personally have a pretty fiery appetite (I will eat all of your avocados and I’m not sorry.). So if my breakfast is light or nonexistent I admit I feel hungry all day, and late into the evening.

kimchi avocado fried egg jewhungry the blog kosher


kimchi avocado fried egg jewhungry the blog kosher

Which is why me + avocado toast = best friends. It helps cool down that intense oven in my belly (avocado = cooling). I eat it almost every day that I possibly can. And topped with an egg it’s like heaven come down to this earthly plane.

Also, my other new best friend is kraut — the new babe in the band. The kraut on this avo toast is made by my friends over at Farmstead Ferments. Maybe this is still a secret (idk how this works) but they just got their nutrition facts tested and there are over 1 billion probiotic strains in their kimchis and sauerkrauts! I did a lil cartoon double take at that number, but it’s true. That’s like taking a high quality probiotic dose in the most stanky/delicious form that could possibly exist. Mo’ tangy, garlicky probiotics please!

kimchi avocado fried egg jewhungry the blog kosher



Ok, enough talky, more explainy. Creamy avocado meets pungent sauerkraut and a warm, buttery, sunny-side-up-egg just melts into it all. On crunchy sourdough? Pinch me.

recipe (serves 1)

1 slice gluten free bread (I suggest Sami’s Sourdough or Whole Foods 7 grain; if you’re not gf go with a slice of crusty sourdough boule!)

ghee or coconut oil

1 farm fresh egg

1/2 ripe avocado

garlicky sauerkraut

flakey coarse sea salt, or pink salt

Stick your bread in your toaster & toast to your preference. Once done, smear with ghee or coconut oil. Set aside.

Melt a teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil in a cast iron pan set over medium low heat. Crack your egg into the pan once it’s warm (if your pan is cracking and spitting like mad when you add a drop of water, turn the heat down). Add 1 tablespoon water and cover. Cook until the white is opaque and set — the yolk will still be soft. You can touch it with the tip of your finger to check the temperature. It should be warmed above body temperature, but not hot. Remove with a spatula to a plate and set aside.

Cut your avocado in-skin lengthwise so that you get long slices. Spoon the slices out over top of your toast and press down and out gently so that the avocado resembles a fan. Top with as much kraut as you please — mine had about 3 tablespoons. Top with your egg and a sprinkle of salt to taste. Now you have a choice: nice and polite with a knife and fork, or go utensil-free and take it straight to the face.


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