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Hey all! How are you? How was your holiday? Did you eat carbs and cheese and sugar with abandonment like I did? Are you now suffering through the withdrawal of aforementioned carbs and cheese and sugar like I am? I have officially gone back to work after a wonderful 3 months of maternity leave (read about this experience in a recent essay I wrote for the Huffington Post HERE) and now begins yet another transition — figuring out how to work full-time and take care of kids/household full-time. Fun times! This results in a lot of sleeping and down time. I’m finding myself with SO MUCH time on my hands. It’s amazing.


Just kidding.  It’s currently day four of being back at work as a high school counselor after three months of maternity leave and I am FEELING it. And by “it”, I mean just how much time there ‘isn’t’ in the day. Time and sleep (and coffee) are the hottest commodities in my world right now. I get home at around 4pm every day so the husband and I get roughly 3.5 hours to spend time with the kids, cook dinner, clean dinner and the apartment, bathe kids, read to kids and then put them to bed. The oldest goes to bed at 8pm (on a good day) so this leaves us about 22 minutes of ‘free time’ before I pass out on whatever flat surface is closest. One of the best parts of maternity leave was having time in the day to cook dinner and enjoy it with the family. Now?  Not so much. That said, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for the dinner time rush. One of which is what we’ve loving dubbed “Mediterranean Night”. This includes sides of hard-boiled eggs, an Israeli salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, some herby basmati rice, humus, tahini and the star? Veggie burekas. The BEST part of burekas, aside being doughy little pockets of heaven, is that I use them as a way to clean my fridge of the veggies and/or herbs that are nearing the end of their freshness. I’ve included my favorite veggie/cheese combination for this recipe but truly, the choice is yours! Simply chop, saute (if you so choose), pair with your favorite cheese (or don’t but why wouldn’t you?), fold them into some puffed pastry dough and within 15 minutes, you’ve got dinner.

Get the FULL recipe over on The Nosher


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