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Oh, hi there. How are you? It’s another mac n’ cheese recipe because it’s a day so why NOT write about mac n’ cheese, Jew know? This is one of my new favorite recipes. Truly. I judge my recipes based on my husband’s reaction. If he gives me a standard, “It’s good”, then I know it’s mediocre and he’s just being protective of my feelings. If he gives me a, “Dude, this is really good”, then I know it’s worthy of a post. If I get a, “Mmmmmmmmmm . . .” followed by a second and third helping of whatever dish is in front of his face. This recipe received the last described response. I mean, at it’s core, it’s mac n’ cheese topped with even more cheese so what can be bad about that?

Also, just a heads up, I’m running a giveaway of this AMAZING cookbook by founders of The Gefilteria, Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz, called The Gefilte Manifesto! The giveaway is being run on the Jewhungry Instagram account so check it out! There’s one more day before it’s gone!

And if you’re interested in wowing your partners, friends, family, and tastebuds with some amazing mac n’ cheese, head on over to for the full recipe. Hooray!


Bruschetta mac n' cheese jewhungry kosher blog


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