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About Me:


When I was 19 a modeling agency sent me to Milan, Italy to try to make it as a model. Then I discovered chocolate croissants and parmesan cheese. So that ended that. Now I’m a school counselor, personal chef, writer, parent, wife and food-lover.

About the Blog:


Jewhungry is an all-the-time food blog and a some-of-the-time parenting/school counseling/Jewish life blog. It is an expression of a little bit of this and a dash of that through the lens of a woman who loves food, travel, and spirituality (and who just so happened to have a couple kids along the way of all that exploration and learning).

Jewhungry was started because I love food and wanted to test the limits of what is thought of as traditional “kosher” food. I didn’t grow up keeping kosher and only started keeping a kosher home in 2009. Therefore, it was important for me to have a place to explore and reflect regarding this new world I was in while paying homage to my Southern, non-kosher food/family history. Thus, Jewhungry was born.

I’ve lived all over the world and my food definitely reflects my travels. My family moved to┬áMiami, a city rich in culture and strong flavors, in 2010, so you will see a lot of Miami-influences in my dishes. In 2014, we moved to vibrant Los Angeles and the influences of this city are definitely appearing in my dishes. That said, the one ingredient you will mostly see is tahini. I’m obsessed with it. Please drench it on my food. Please?

I believe in the power of communal meals. I believe that sitting down with your family, whether it’s your chosen family or the one you were born into, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If one of my dishes makes it to your family table, well, then you are doing me the greatest honor.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and stories from my shvitzin’ kitchen. If you ever want to drop a line to say “shalom”, give a recipe idea of some nice feedback, I can be emailed at jewhungry@gmail.com

Shalom y’all, Whitney

*All pictures posted on this page are the property of Jewhungry and should not be reposted without permission of the authors. Thank you.

Oh, and the blog name? That’s a good story. Maybe I’ll tell it one day ­čÖé