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See! I told you I was going to fry up some donuts! And not just any donut, but sufganiyot! If you’re new to Jewish cuisine, let me just break it down for. Sufganiyot are, most typically, jelly-filled fried donuts enjoyed specifically during Chanukah time. I have such fond memories of wandering through the souk of Jerusalem, Machena Yehuda market, trying to find the warmest, freshest sufganiyot my then boyfriend (not husband) and I could find. My favorite moment from our time dating was hitting up the market, find previously mentioned fresh-from-the-fryer sufganiyot and then finding a private little corner in the souk to just chow down in glee! We were like little children. And now, the sweet man is in Miami about 30 minutes away from defending his thesis at The University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Atmospheric Studies. That’s right, my man is FINALLY gonna finish that Ph.D. (Pretty Hot Degree 🙂 But, in the meantime, if you want more of these gorgeous sufganiyot, head on over to for the full recipe and for a thoughts on this year’s Chanukah/Christmas mash-up!




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