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I don’t mean to brag, but I have the greatest neighbors in the world. Raising a toddler and being pregnant and working full-time can make a woman, well, borderline insane (I can use that kind of language, cause I’m a Social Worker so there). And I was THIS close to losing it last night. Let’s rewind a bit to a year ago when I was in LA for a few short days in order to find a place for the family to live. The process was stressful and I had a check list of what I was looking for (safe, walkable community with access to laundry on the floor and a garage). I found all of that in the place we live now. What I didn’t know was that I would also find Siona’s best friend and some incredibly supportive people; people I didn’t realize I would need so very, very much during the coming months of our first year in LA.

I first met Hallie on the day we moved in. All blond curly hair and mad SoCal style, she was jumping up and down on the garage door trip wire so that it would open. Husband and I were watching her attempt to open the door thinking, “What the h*ll is that lady doing? Just smile and wave and WALK AWAY QUICKLY. SHE LOOK CRAY CRAY”. Turns out she’s hilarious and smart and has the biggest heart in the world and also has a 3 year-old whom my child is 150% OBSESSED with and a hubby and is so funny I run the risk of piddling in my pants from laughter every time we hang out. We’ve got a good thing going these days, some 9 months after moving in. Our kids are in love with each other and they live 2 floors up so it’s insta-play dates several times a week. Currently, they’re entertaining my kiddo for the next couple hours so that I can get some much-needed ‘me’ time, which in the end, will make me a much better mom to the kiddo as I was nearing the point last night where I knew I needed some space to breathe. I try to repay them for their selflessness by cooking and baking for them but seriously, no amount of brownies and meatballs can repay the gift of amazing neighbors (but I’m still gonna try).

I’ve made my beloved neighbors pizza a few times in our short time as neighbors. I think Damian, Hallie’s hubby, ended up having the curry pizza featured below and it was thumbs up all around. I realize that might mean nothing to you, dear reader, but it meant a lot to me. Damian has a great palette. I think he’d actually love any and ALL of the pizzas featured in this delicious recipe round-up of vegetarian and vegan pizzas. They are all creative and I could seriously eat like 6 of them right this very minute . . . in one sitting. Oh dear, here come the cravings.


1. Curry Pizza with Roasted Cauliflower + Eggplant – Jewhungry

Curry Pizza Jewhungry Kosher blog

From yours truly, Jewhungry!


2. Sweet Corn Caprese Pizza from The Creative Bite

3. Purple Potato and Romanesco Vegan Pizza from Steph in Thyme

4. Middle Eastern Flatbread with Eggplant, Tahini Sauce + Za’atar from What Jew Wanna Eat

From What Jew Wanna Eat

From What Jew Wanna Eat

5. Spinach Artichoke Dip Pizza from Diethood

6. 3 Cheese Apple Cranberry Pizza from Ari’s Menu

7. Fresh Herb Pizza from Farm Fresh Feasts

8. Gluten Free Pizza with Beets and Blue Cheese from The Tomato Tart

From the Tomato Tart

From the Tomato Tart

9. Portobello Mushroom Pizza with Sautéed Balsamic Vegetables from Joyful Healthy Eats

10. Raspberry Cobbler Pizza from Crumb Blog

11. Beet Pesto Pizza with Kale and Goat Cheese from The Roasted Root

12. Rainbow Pepper Pizza from Super Healthy Kids

from Super Healthy Kids

from Super Healthy Kids

13. White Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes from Taste and Tell

14. Roasted Mushroom Pizza with Garlic and Rosemary from the Lemon Bowl

15. Oil-cured Black Olive + Smashed Garlic Pizza w/Vegan ‘Parm’ from With Food + Love

from With Food + Love

from With Food + Love

16. Low- Carb Portobello Pizza from Busy in Brooklyn

17. Hummus Pita Pizza from Home Cooking Memories

18. Cheezy Butternut Squash Pizza + Garlicky Spinach & Caramelized Onions from The Plant Strong Vegan

from The Plant Strong Vegan

from The Plant Strong Vegan

19. Creamed Spinach and Egg Pizza from Taste and Tell 

20. Cheese Pizza with Spicy Roasted Carrot and Red Onion Sauce from Eats Well with Others



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